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Gullwing G13 Specifications

General Description

The Philips Gardco Gullwing G13 is an area luminaire defined by its sleek profile and rugged construction. The housing is one-piece, die cast aluminum and mounts directly to a pole or wall without the need of a separate support arm. The multifaceted arc-image duplicating optical systems provide IESNA Types II, III and IV distributions. The door frame is single-piece die cast aluminum and retains an optically clear tempered flat glass lens. The luminaire is completely sealed and gasketed preventing intrusion from moisture, dust and insects. The Gullwing luminaires are finished with a fade and abrasion resistant TGIC powdercoat.

Cutoff Classification

Flat glass lens luminaires provide full cutoff performance. Sag lens luminaires provide cutoff performance.

Full cutoff performance means a luminaire distribution where zero candela intensity occurs at an angle of 90° above nadir. Additionally, the candela per 1000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 100 (10 percent) at a vertical angle of 80° above nadir. This applies to all lateral angles around the luminaire.

Cutoff performance means a luminaire distribution where the candela per 1000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 25 (2.5 percent) at an angle at or above 90° above nadir, and 100 (10 percent) at a vertical angle of 80° above nadir. This applies to all lateral angles around the luminaire.


A one-piece die cast aluminum housing mounts directly to a pole or wall without the need for a support arm. The low profile rounded form reduces the effective projected area of the luminaire to only 0.8 square feet (.01 square meters).

Lens Assembly

A single-piece die cast aluminum lens frame hinges down from the housing and is secured by a stainless steel lanyard and hinge pin.

An optically clear, heat and impact resistant tempered flat glass lens is mechanically secured with six (6) retainers.

The electrical and optical chambers are thoroughly sealed with a one-piece memory retentive hollow-core EPDM gasket to prevent intrusion by moisture, dust, and insects.

Optical Systems

The segmented optical systems are manufactured from homogenous sheet aluminum which has been electrochemically brightened, anodized and sealed. The multifaceted arc image duplicating systems are designed to produce IESNA Types II (2XL), III (3XL) and IV (4XL). The reflector facets form a conical fan around the arc tube with each facet positioned to be precisely tangent to the top of the arc tube.

Fluorescent luminaires use a Medium Throw reflector (MTS) with a Solite® glass lens.


HID lampholders are glazed porcelain with a nickel plated screw shell. Position-oriented mogul base sockets to accept high output horizontal metal halide lamps are supplied standard.

Fluorescent lampholders are high temperature thermoplastic (PBT) with brass alloy contacts.

All lampholders are securely attached to the reflector assembly.


All electrical components are UL recognized and factory tested.

Each high power factor HID core and coil ballast is the separate component type and are capable of providing reliable lamp starting down to -20°F (-29°C). The ballast is mounted on a unitized plate with quick electrical disconnects and secured within the luminaire.

High Pressure Sodium ballasts operate lamps within ANSI trapezoidal limits. Metal Halide ballasts are medium regulation auto transformers providing + 10% power regulation with a + 10% variation from rated input voltage. Component-to-component wiring within the luminaire will carry no more than 80% of rated current and is listed by UL for use at 600 VAC at 301°F (150°C) or higher.

For luminaires provided with Cosmopolis", each high power factor ballast is electronic, designed specifically for the CosmoPolis" high performance ceramic metal halide electronic system.

Plug disconnects are listed by UL for use at 600 VAC, 15A or higher.

Standard fluorescent ballasts are solid state.


Each standard color luminaire receives a textured, semi-gloss, fade and abrasion resistant, electrostatically applied, thermally cured TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) polyester powdercoat finish in bronze (BRP), black (BLP), white (WP) or natural aluminum (NP). Units are thoroughly cleaned and provided with a chromate acid pretreatment. Optional RAL colors (OC) are available and refer to colors defined by a classic (4) digit RAL designation (ex. RAL6005). Consult factory for special colors (SC).


All fixtures bear UL or CUL (where applicable) Wet Location labels.

Philips Gardco reserves the right to change materials or modify the design of its product without notification as part of the company's continuing product improvement program.

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