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Photometry - IES Files

phptometric distribution illustrationFrom this page you can download IES-format photometric data for all of our products. They are provided as structured ZIP files containing complete product lines. The date listed after each link is the date the file was last updated.

To obtain single, specific IES files, refer to the "Photometry/IES Files" button within each product section.

IES files are of little use without lighting software like Footprints™, our new iso-illuminance template generator. The data contained in IES files is formatted for efficient software access; it isn't presented in a manner readily understood by a human user.

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  • Emco
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IES Files by Product Type
Zip File 11/04/13
Zip File 100 Line Sconce 06/20/13
Zip File 300 Line Cylinders 11/16/11
Zip File 900 Line Steplights 12/18/12
Zip File Bollards 03/22/12
Zip File Circa 05/11/12
Zip File Designer Canopy 11/16/11
Zip File Designer Floodlights 11/16/11
Zip File Designer Spotlights 11/16/11
Zip File Ecoform 11/04/13
Zip File Fascia Forms 11/16/11
Zip File Fascia Plates 11/16/11
Zip File Garage 06/19/13
Zip File Glowtops 11/16/11
Zip File Gullwing 03/06/12
Zip File LightColumns 05/11/12
Zip File Low Pressure Sodium 11/16/11
Zip File Mantaray 01/14/13
Zip File PureForm 08/16/12
Zip File Radiant 01/28/12
Zip File Round Form Ten 10/03/12
Zip File SlenderForm 08/15/13
Zip File Square Form Ten 10/03/12
IES Files by Product Type
Zip File Emco.zip06/12/13
Zip File Avalume11/16/11
Zip File Avaround11/16/11
Zip File Bollards05/11/12
Zip File Decolume11/16/11
Zip File Ecolume11/16/11
Zip File Ecoround11/16/11
Zip File Infinity  II11/16/11
Zip File LED Area Luminaire06/12/13
Zip File LED Garage11/05/12
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