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Glare Control and Uniformity

Outdoor lighting has a number of functions. Primarily, it must promise immediate good vision and orientation so that an area is usable and safe at night. By means of placement and intensity, lighting is also used to guide pedestrian and vehicular movement and highlight areas where traffic conflicts. In addition to these basic, utilitarian functions, lighting is also used for architectural emphasis and effect. to attract business, and to give a site a particular "personality"; But all area lighting, whatever its immediate function, has the ultimate purpose of providing visibility, which is a different, more subtle, more complex concept than mere illumination.

Good visibility is achieved through the interaction of intensity, direction, and reflection of light so that an observer can immediately translate received light into terms of shapes, surfaces, distance and movement. Visibility, then, is a function of quality of light, and quality lighting is achieved only when many factors are brought into balance.

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