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Retrofit Your Existing Luminaires

Philips Gardco Retrofit Kits are the sustainable choice for updating your outdoor lighting. These kits are the ideal way to equip your existing Gardco luminaires with the most state-of-the-art, high performance ceramic metal halide electronic systems available in the marketplace today. The kits allow for a quick and efficient change-out to the attractive, white light of either the Philips CosmoPolis™ or the MasterColor® Elite electronic lighting systems, saving time, money and most important, energy.

We have designed these kits to provide a simple way to update your existing Gardco luminaires, including the Square and Round Form 10 and Gullwing™ product lines. Everything is supplied to efficiently complete the changeout, including a pre-wired ballast tray, a new optical system and socket assembly ,and lamp.

Philips Gardco Form 10 Round Luminaires

Philips Gardco Form 10 Square Luminaires

Philips Gardco Gullwing Luminaires

CosmoPolis™ and MasterColor® Elite Systems

Both the CosmoPolis™ and the MasterColor® Elite are metal halide lamp systems, improving upon one of the most trusted lamp sources in the industry. Combining a revolutionary new white light ceramic metal halide lamp and an optimized electronic ballast, these systems maximize performance to offer every advantage for lighting outdoor environments, including improved visibility, enhanced ambiance, long life and low power consumption.

In addition to the added benefit of high-quality white light, energy savings of up to 50% versus existing systems are available, with a rated average lamp life of up to 30,000 hours. These kinds of savings make the CosmoPolis™ and the MasterColor® Elite the clear choice for retrofitting.

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