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<p>Gullwing G13 Emergency</p>

Gullwing G13 Emergency Luminaire

The Philips Gardco Gullwing is now available as an outdoor emergency luminaire.

In the event of power interruption, the G13 Emergency version features an integral battery pack that powers a 32W compact fluorescent lamp at reduced light levels for a minimum of 90 minutes.

The G13EMC is supplied with the Bodine B4FC1 mounted in the G13 housing. The storage and operating temperature range is from -4°F / -20°C to 131°F / 55°C, making it suitable for most exterior environments. The G13EMC will power (2) 32 watt compact fluorescent lamps in normal mode and (1) 32 watt compact fluorescent lamp in emergency mode. In emergency mode, rated initial lumens are 1,100 (at 77°F / 25°C ambient temperature.) The G13EMC is available in pole mount or wall mount, making it very adaptable to the particular needs of any site.

An inspiration born of classic forms and thirty years practical experience, Gullwing is equal parts architecture, engineering and performance. This is a luminaire where the lines between form, function and performance are indistinguishable. By virtue of its minimal, contoured form, integrated die cast construction and powerful optical systems, it has changed the shape of high performance lighting.

Companion Products

The 107 Gullwing Sconce  adds considerable versatility to the series application with three optical systems and wattages up to 175w HID and 84w compact fluorescent.

The Gullwing G13  is a pedestrian scale luminaire with wattages from 50-175w HID and up to 120w compact fluorescent.

The Gullwing G18  draws its strength from a simplicity of form that makes it a natural complement to any architectural vocabulary. Equal parts architecture, engineering and performance, it is now available in compact fluorescent, low pressure sodium, Cosmopolis and Master Color Elite configurations.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

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